A-Staden is a Swedish environmental consulting company. We are working with Worldwide environmental campaigns and product distributions and our goal is to reach out with products that prevent behaviours that affect the environment in a negative way.


Our team has extensive experience from the field of education, entrepreneurship and business development. One of our aims is to get retailers to sell Trashpocket in connection with cigarette sales.


Another objective is to engage municipalities, NGO:s, organisations, associations and other companies to mutually find solutions and discover methods to reduce small litter and cigarette butts on our streets and in nature.


We are running a campaign to increase the awareness about how cigarette butts and other small discarded items has a negative impact on the environment.

We are launching Trashpocket due to the specific function and properties it has that makes it the obvious choice for smokers if one want to hold a realistic view on how one can come to grips with littering due to the widespread use of tobacco products.

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