Around the World 12 billion cigarette butts are thrown on the ground every day. Despite a decline in smoking and new bans on smoking that lessens the areas where smoking is allowed, three million cigarette butts are thrown on the ground every day in the small country of Sweden with a population of ten million people.

65% of all the litter on city streets in Sweden are cigarette butts and the cost for cleaning them up is estimated to around 80 million Euros a year. The remaining litter consists of large quantities chewing gum, nicotine pouches and candy wrappers. All this garbage taken together creates a big problem both for the environment in cities and nature but also for animals who are being hurt by this learned human behaviour. 

Cigarette butts contain 7000 toxic substances such as: cadmium, nickel, arsenic and microplastics to name a few. Recent studies show that one cigarette butt is poisoning 2 litres of water and polluting up to 500 litres of water.

The cigarette butt has since the fifties without comparison been the largest fraction of litter and this means that almost all water we have around us has been contaminated by environmental toxins from cigarette butts.

We want to do what we can to prevent the spread of these toxic substances that the WHO and many others have been warning about for so many years. The cadmium in cigarette butts is harmful to microorganisms and aquatic species but it can also be absorbed by the root system of plants.

Microplastics are being spread from cigarette butts and can be found in fish and shellfish. The toxins from cigarette butts ends up in in our water, plants, animals, in our bodies and all nature through the cycle, with unforeseeable consequences for the health and the environment. There must be a way to come to grips with this environmental problem that is both practical and simple!

​In the World there are growing numbers of the population who are very environmentally conscious and the input a distributor of Trashpocket makes can lead to reduced littering since it simplifies the choice for the individual to take own responsibility for the litter produced.

As the awareness is rising about the negative impact on the environment by cigarettes and other plastic products, people are more reluctantly throwing these things on the streets and in nature but, still, it is occurring as is obvious on the city streets and in nature.

Trashpocket makes it easy to abstain from littering since it can stay with a smoker comfortably at all times. We believe it gives a push in the right direction so that it is easier to apply the concern for one’s immediate surroundings that many already display when recycling and choosing
environmentally safe products.


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