Are you a smoker who is concerned about the environment?

Are you a smoker who often faces situations when there is no ideal way to extinguish and get rid of the cigarette butt?


Now you can extinguish and keep the cigarette in this. Close it and put it in your pocket or handbag. When it is full you just empty it in the trash and then use it again and again.


Despite it being full of cigarette butts there will be no odour in your clothes or bag from it. Take care of the environment with our reusable Trashpocket!

  • High quality biodegradable!

  • Inside made from heat resistant paper!

  • Compact portable ashtray that closes/seals easily with a push button!

  • Odourless!

  • Lasts a long time and is durable for any weather or climate!

  • Very flexible and uses a minimum of space in the pocket or handbag!

  • Easy to empty and reusable!


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