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pocket ashtray

Trashpocket x5

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Product Details

Do you like clean environments free from cigarette butts and litter? Are you a smoker who often faces situations where there is no optimal way to extinguish and get rid of the cigarette butt? Do you know a smoker who flicks the cigarette butt on the ground?


As a smoker you now can extinguish and get rid of your cigarette butt in this. Just close it and put it in your pocket or purse without any odour coming out of it. When full, just empty it in the nearest trashcan and then reuse it.

Take care of the environment with our reusable Trashpocket.

5% of our sales profits are assigned to the environmental organisation Let´s Do It World. Every year in September they arrange World Cleanup Day. Here they mobilize millions of volunteers in 183 countries and every year it is obvious that the cigarette butt is the most common litter found on the street and in nature.

Product characteristics:

  • High quality eco-friendly material.
  • Odourless when closed!
  • Fireproof inside!
  • Can fit twenty of cigarette butts before full!
  • Easy to empty and reusable!
  • Flexible, small and super lightweight!
  • Well tested and superior function!
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