The Trashpocket team are providers and innovators in the area of environmentally sustainable products with the goal of reducing litter and contributing to a cleaner world!


"Our focus during the past year has been to find the best formula and shape when manufacturing the most user friendly and at the same time most environmentally friendly pocket ashtray there is!"


The challenge has been how to replace the ordinary plastic to a material that does not affect nature in a negative way.


We have been listening to the needs of cigarette smokers and provide a tool that encourages them to stop throwing their butts on the ground and at the same time they get to use the most sustainable up to date product in this area there is.


Our solution is called Trashpocket, a smooth and soft kraft paper wrapped pocket ashtray, heat resitable natural foam as heatresistant middle layer and a thin fire resistant aluminium foil inside.  


"The use of Trashpocket aims to reduce cigarette butt litter, by far the most littered thing on streets and in nature World wide."


Together with the World wide environmental organisation Let’s Do It World we launch the Let’s Keep it Clean Campaign, introducing Trashpocket as a solution to the problem of cigarette butt littering. Let’s Do it Word organisation is the Worlds largest network of volunteering litter cleanups, operating in over 150 countries. 


At the third Saturday in September they arrange the World wide litter clean up event with millions participants,




Ever since the start, the world wide litter clean ups shows that the cigarette butt always has been the far most littered thing on streets and in nature’s. 


"The Let's Keep it Clean Campaign aims to reach out to the cigarette smokers with a tool that inspire and makes it easy to bin the butts and to keep it clean! A sanitary move by promoting hygiene and clean surroundings for all."


The startup destination for the campaign is set to Nairobi, Kenya, in February 2021 and next stop prepares to India nationwide. 

The campaign also aims to introduce Trashpocket at the market for smoking accessories by reaching out to retailers and market chains for distribution and availability for smokers to purchase at selling markets of cigarettes. 


We also would like to reach out to different societal actors willing to use Trashpocket in their surroundings as a solution to the problem of cigarette butt littering, promote it’s greatness and the positive impact it creates when it reaches the smokers hand.


And our common massage to the cigarette smokers is clear...


"Let’s make it a trend to

bin the butts and keep it clean!" 


Trashpocket is delivered in smaller display boxes containing 10 pieces each. 

A-Staden has a general design but makes Trashpockets in optional design in collaboration with purchasers fullfilling a suitable expression. 

The price depending on the size of the order, printed coloured design and the agreements with costumer how to run a environmental campaign together. 

"We are collaborating with municipalities, NGO:s, organisations, associations and other companies from the vantage point of the environmental gain the product has, upsell or other ideas."


For more information and consultation, contact the Trashpocket team by email to info@trash-pocket.com or call:


Johan  +46(0)706175106


Patrick  +46(0)703141642


We look forward to your order and assisting in ensuring the products will get as big impact and benefit as possible.






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