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A fireproof odorless pocket ashtray to ash, exstinguish and retrash cigarett butts.


Collector also for other minor combustible litter.

Refresh and reuse until it feels worn out! 

Recycle and contribute to renew and reduse in circulardesign and circulareconomy...


Around the world 12 billion cigarette butts are thrown on the ground every day.


The remaining litter consists of large quantities chewing gum and candy wrappers.


All this garbage taken together creates a big problem both for the environment in cities and in nature but also for animals who are being hurt by this learned human behaviour...


We have been listening to the needs of cigarette smokers and provide a tool that encourages them to stop throwing their butts on the ground and at the same time they get to use the most sustainable up to date product in this area there is.


T ogether with the World wide environmental organisation Let’s Do It World we launch the Let’s Keep it Clean Campaign, introducing Trashpocket as a solution to the problem of cigarette butt littering. 


Check in for more info..


A-Staden is a Swedish environmental consulting company.


We are working with product development and our goal is to reach out with products that prevent behaviours that affect the environment in a negative way.


Products suitable for every situation in life...

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